• Farm 2 fork sustainable innovative digitalized non-thermal lighting solution
    Efficient - Accurate – Linked to knowledge database
    Energy-efficient – Repairable – Life cycle management
    Low pollution: water and noise free

  • Growing immune defenses of plants by soft signaling
    Reducing agrochemical products use (up to 50%), loss and waste (up to 50%)
    Efficient decontamination of seeds, fruits and vegetables and water (99,99% )
    Enhancing natural preservation (up to 4 times their shelf life)
    Nutritious durable healthy agrofood

  • Contribute to 10 among 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals


Sustainable innovative treatment process

  • Free of: chemicals, incoming, contact, pressure, noise, heat, EM
  • Low energy consumption
  • Instantaneous, fast, precise, repetitive, measurable, automated
  • Mobile, autonomous, compact
  • Efficient in high and low temperatures
  • Can be used in synergy with other solutions

Expertise in photobiology for problems related to pathogens, conservation and improvement with an ecological and sustainable approach.

Design, manufacture and marketing of French processing systems based on photonic technologies for agriculture and agri-food.

Expert system for data management and traceability of treatments.

  • Preserve user health

  • No Chemicals, no antibiotics

  • Extended working temperature -30°C to +50°C

  • Low energy consumption

  • No water consumption

  • Compact (1/10 in volume, weight as competition technologies)

  • Fast Treatment time